How to pick the right slot game

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They are by far the most popular form of online casino game and a genre that is expanding by the day. The reason for the success of slots can be found within the game’s mechanics, as slot games are simple, easy, and fantastically fun. All you need to do is log-on to an online casino, pop a digital coin into the game, and spin away, with luck determining your fate. While you can invoke a bit of strategy here and there, slots are largely a game that is determined by luck. At their heart slots are about fun, but to ensure that you really enjoy the slots experience you need to find the right game to play. In this article we will look at how you can find the right slots game for your bankroll, playing style, and interests.

Progressive slots or straight slots?

Slots games are categorized in one of two ways, either straight or progressive. Straight slot games are a singular title that offers a fixed cash prize or jackpot, while progressive slot games make up a part of a larger game network which features a larger than average cash prize. The difference between the two is fairly simple to understand. Simply put, straight slots are straight duel between you and the game, progressive slots puts you on a bigger stage with slimmer chances of victory but bigger jackpots.

5 reel slots or 3 reel slots?

Slot games are all based on reel combinations and as a player you will have the choice of playing 5 reel slots and 3 reel slots. The latter is considered the classic slot game variation, while 5 reel slots are known as the modern evolution of the slot game. In each game your goal is to line up the reels to win prizes, but both games handle this in different ways. 3 reel slots are considered to be basic by today’s online casino standards, but still command a strong audience largely because of nostalgia. 5 reel slots make use of all the latest technology and aim to deliver an all-round entertainment experience. As a player you must decide whether or not you want a nostalgic slots experience or one that comes with all the modern bells and whistles.

Multi-payline slots or single payline slots?

The payline refers to the symbol combinations that be made in an online slots title, whether than be straight, diagonal, or a mish mash of both. Classic slot games tend to only feature one payline and are more restrictive in approach, while modern slot games tend to be more free spirited and offer various payline options. Players often prefer multi-payline games, but if you are looking for a set and structured approach within a game then single payline slots can be considered be a viable option.

Play what feels comfortable

Slot games come in all different shapes and sizes, from the small to large and the lightweight to the graphical intensive. Visiting an online casino portal will allow you get a wide view of the games available, all the while help you find an offer that will let you sample them too. At for example, you can find several casinos offering free spins on various slot machines. No matter the type of game that takes your fancy in the end, you are likely to find it in the slots genre, but ultimately when deciding what game to make your own you should only ever play slots games that you feel comfortable with.